Given two strings s and t, determine if they are isomorphic.

Two strings are isomorphic if the characters in s can be replaced to get t.

All occurrences of a character must be replaced with another character while preserving the order of characters. No two characters may map to the same character but a character may map to itself.


Given "egg", "add", return true.

Given "foo", "bar", return false.

Given "paper", "title", return true.

Thought Process

  1. Hash Table and Boolean
    1. Use hashtable to track the mapping of characters and boolean to track whether a character has been used already
    2. Time complexity O(n)
    3. Space complexity O(1)


class Solution {
    public boolean isIsomorphic(String s, String t) {
        if (s.length() != t.length()) return false;
        char[] map = new char[256];
        boolean[] used = new boolean[256];
        char[] sc = s.toCharArray();
        char[] tc = t.toCharArray();
        for (int i = 0; i < sc.length; i++) {
            // if this character has not been mapped
            if (map[sc[i]] == 0) {
                if (used[tc[i]]) return false;
                map[sc[i]] = tc[i];
                used[tc[i]] = true;
            } else if (map[sc[i]] != tc[i]) {
                return false;
        return true;


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